Dryland-Hockey Skills

Dryland-Hockey Skills

An off-ice program designed specifically for hockey players. Assessments at the beginning of the program, functional movement exercises, strength and coordination drills and nutritional information sessions.

Individual Dryland: Dwayne will design a program based on what he sees, athlete to athlete.

Team Dryland: Dryland will be based on coaches’ feedback of needs and wants. It can also be a well-rounded workout to touch on many facets of the games needs to educate the players on training they can commit to on their own time.

Individual/Team Off-Ice Skills: Sessions will consist of shooting, puck/ball skills, hand-eye coordination, balance, speed, body positioning, puck protection.

1 on 1 Training

1 on 1 Training | One Session | Regular Price $ 200
“Do The Work” Special: $ 100

1 on 1 Training | 10X Sessions | Regular Price $ 1000
“Do The Work” Special: $ 750 ($75 per person)

Small Group Training

Small Group | One Session | Regular Price $ 175
“Do The Work” Special: $125 per group

Small Group | 10X Sessions | Regular Price $ 1,500
“Do The Work” Special: $1,000 per group

Note: Small Group up to 5 participants

Referral Program
Earn $50 training credit for every person you bring with you . The more friends you bring the more you SAVE.
(Only applicable to 10x Session purchase)